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Frank J. Corso    15 December 2011 12:44 |
Thanking God the Work continues.

Jean Pityinger    02 March 2011 12:35 |
Thank God that when we were praying for the Lord to lead us to the church HE wanted us to call home, HE led us to Trinity Baptist. We love it at Trinity and praise the Lord that the people there were so welcoming, it was like coming home from when we first came in the door. We look forward to Sundays and Wednesdays because you make God's Word so exciting and you don't pull punches or hold back. I thank the Lord for that. We also love fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep preaching the Word and being faithful to His Word and to the King James!
Mrs. Jean Pityinger

Webmaster    30 October 2010 12:55 | Jersey City
Howdy all! Posts here on the guest book will now need to be approved. Sorry, but there was a spammer I had to ban. So, give it a few hours before your guest book posts show up. Thank you all so much for understanding! God bless you!

Chris Williams    07 October 2010 18:11 | 91
Hey Pastor .. Praise JESUS ! it's good to see the new website and it looks great.. hope that we can add your sermons soon... all glory to CHRIST...

Daniel Miljenovic    07 October 2010 13:10 |
The website looks great!

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